Health is an ever growing concern in the workplace and because we are furniture experts we get asked daily, “Is it better to sit or stand while you work?”  The answer is neither black or white.  The answer is actually both.

“According to a report from the Society for Human Resource Management, standing desks are the fastest-growing employee benefit in US workplaces. One reason for their popularity: Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time damages your health, even if you get plenty of exercise when you aren’t sitting.”

“… a standing desk is unlikely to help with weight loss or avoiding weight gain, there may be other reasons to stand while you work … standing, rather than sitting, may reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain.  Other potential health benefits of a standing desk are assumed based on the finding that long hours of sitting are linked with a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer (especially cancers of the colon or breast) premature death.”

While these statements hold true there should be a good mix of standing & sitting during your workday.  Nothing in excess is beneficial.  So, if you are tied to your desk and you don’t have the ability to take walking breaks a good healthy alternative is standing.  15-30 minute standing breaks every hour can help increase circulation which can help keep you focused on tasks, especially after lunch.

Of course, you want to get the proper furniture / equipment to create the optimum working environment.  So, here are some things to consider when choosing an adjustable desk option:


IMG_1471Sit to Stand Desk. This option allows your ENTIRE desk to rise and fall for sessions of sitting and standing.  This option has the most customization.  It adjusts to the user’s unique height.  It also allows the user to view working documents on their desk without strain.  There are also several different options of mechanism available:  crank, pneumatic and electric.

We suggest one of our blended options.  This includes a new adjustable base paired with a pre-owned work surface.  Unit pricing starts at $435.00 each, we offer options for all base mechanisms – suitable sizes range from 42”w -72”w.


pr1-per-ss3221blk^openRiser. Like the VERIDESK, this option sits on your standard desk.  The user can adjust for both seated and standing.  This option has some of the benefits of the above option with a couple downfalls.  It takes up a good portion of desk space.  Additionally, it is difficult for some users to view documents on their desk top while standing.

We suggest this price sensitive version of a pneumatic desk riser.  It features vacuum-sealed surfaces and can hold up to 33 lbs.  It is available in black and goes well with any type of computer.  It allows the user the luxury of proper height adjustment with its easy touch feature. This height adjustable monitor and keyboard stand offers premium quality and is environmentally friendly.   Retail $262.00 each


Adjustable Monitor Arm & Keyboard. This allows your monitor and keyboard tray to adapt to the user while sitting or standing.  This option is not as flexible, allowing for lesser overall height adjustment.  Some users do not feel the keyboard feels sturdy when extended for standing.  Using a monitor arm and keyboard tray in conjunction with your Sit to Stand Desk would give you the maximum flexibility for all scenarios.

Our best source:  ESI / Ergonomic Solutions Inc.  Featuring a multitude of keyboard and monitor arm solutions.  All available to ship in 72hrs.  Visit their site:


Monongahela.1Don’t forget about your chair. Just because you’re going to commit to standing for a portion of the day doesn’t mean you can skimp on your chair.  You still need to have a chair that adapts to your seated height and supports your back.  A waterfall edge seat is recommended, to prevent cutting off circulation in your lower legs.  As well as adjustable arms and seat pan;  both allow for maximum flexibility whether you are 5′-0″ or 6′-4″ tall.

We suggest the Monogahela Chair.  Part of Tri-State Office Furniture’s exclusive line of seating.  This chair has all the bells and whistles of a Herman Miller or Steelcase chair, with a minimal price tag.  These chairs are only $175.00 each.


71CwyNXxkhL._SL1500_Last but not least, make sure to get an anti-fatigue mat, so you can stand in comfort. We suggest this option, which costs about the same as the co-pay to your chiropractor, $52.00 each!  Features include:  waterproof, durable, slip resistant, beveled edges, and it’s Greenguard Certified.

Using an ergonomically designed dome surfaced anti-fatigue mat is the perfect solution for improving workers comfort and productivity. This mat provides all day comfort and relief from aching feet and legs and also can help relieve back stress that occurs from long periods of standing.  Tapered edges and rounded corners help eliminate trip hazard.  Waffle underside grips hard floors or carpet.