There are many office furniture companies in the world and here we will show you the very best!  Computers have truly changed our world and how we exist in it. In 2018 everything seems possible, from having a meeting with a client in Japan via Skype to accessing instant customer reviews of a product with two simple clicks. We move at lightning speed and always expect excellence. Although how is excellence rated? With so many options how do we define best, most, and elite? In a world intertwining technology with everything, how do you navigate through all the noise to find what’s right for you?

There are literally hundreds of thousands commercial furniture brands to choose from all with their own unique story. All appealing to different stylistic choices and different needs.  Figuring out where to begin and make sure you are selecting the best option for you and your company can be overwhelming.

In this updated four-part series, we will look at the Top 100 Office Furniture companies in 2018 and give you a very brief introduction to each. In later blog articles we will feature an in-depth look at each company. So let’s meet, in alphabetical order, our first 25 office furniture companies to know.


The First 25



9to5 seating logo

9to5seatinga company based in Hawthorn, California, in operation since 1972. They specialize in ergonomically seating that incorporates both global and domestic qualities.



ABCOSince 2002, Abco Furniture and Interior has been providing the quality home and Office furniture at incredible savings backed by exceptional customer service.



AISa small business solutions manufacturer of producing seating, casegoods, and office systems. The company established in 1989, operates out of Hudson, Massachusetts.


 artopex office furniture logo

ARTOPEXa company based in Quebec. It was founded in 1980 and has acquired many companies since its inception and expanded into the US. They offer an array of furniture options for their clients.


Allseating Office Furniture

Allseatinga company based in Mississauga, Ontario, in operation since 1982. Their forte is, you guessed it, all forms of seating.


arnold furniture logo

Arnoldestablished in 1962 in Irvington, New Jersey, this company offers a variety of office furnishings, varying in size, materials, and styles to its clientele. 


aurora shelving logo

Auroraa company providing service for the past 132 years, Aurora is based out of Aurora, Illinois. They specialize in shelving, cases, and storage.


benchmark design group logo

Benchmarkfounded in 1996 in Jacksonville, Florida, Benchmark focuses on development firms, hotels and restaurants across the country.


Berco Office Furniture

Bercothis company specializes in tables. In 1969, the company began building a simple quality table and hasn’t stopped since. They are located in St. Louis, Missouri.


 Boss office Products Logo

Boss– a seating focus company with headquarters on two coasts, one in Atlanta, Georgia, and another in Commerce, California.


carolina office furniture

Carolinathis company works together with OFS, to provide the best healthcare furnishings available. The company focuses mainly on seating ideally for healthcare environments. Based out of Archdale, North Caroline the company has produced seating for over 70 years.


Jackcartwright office furniture logo

Cartwrightout of High Point, North Carolina, founded in 1963 and still run by a very active president and CEO, Jack Cartwright, who still designs, engineers and manufactures all the furniture.


CEKA office Furniture logo

CEKAa British company, stationed in the UK provides modern and stylish office furniture, through German engineering and design.


Cherryman logo

Cherrymana company that supplies office furniture to the whole United States and Canada with headquarters in the North East, South East, West, Midwest, and Central locations.



Chromcraft Revington Douglas, Incsince 1955, Chromcraft manufactures lounge, multiple seating chairs, and office tables in Senatobia, Mississippi.


Clairdge Office Furniture

Claridgeproduces markerboards, tackboards, cabinets and cases for over 65 years. With seven different distribution centers and two manufacturing facilities they are featured in buildings nationwide.


Clarin by hussey seating logo

Clarinway back in 1925 Werner Clarin designed a folding chair, his versatile products have been in demand for decades and are even featured by many professional sport teams.


Coalesse Office Furniture

Coalessesupplies furniture specifically with the entrepreneur in mind, the one working from a home office, or needs the office to have a homey feel.


Community Furniture

Communityis a part of Jasper group (we will see more from them in segment two) out of Jasper Indiana, this division of the group focuses on public seating for schools, hospitals, courtrooms, town halls, and libraries.



 Corpdesignout of Hollywood, Florida, Corpdesign offers seating, desks, and workstation systems for budget-minded business customers.


creative wood office furniture

Creative WoodBased out of Oakland, California, with more than 30 years experience, Creative Wood provides quality wooden designed office furniture for the mid-level to high-end contract market.


Cumberland office furniture logo

Cumberlandbegan as a small company in New York in 1950 and became well known for their elegant designs.  They were able to expand and is now based out of Michigan. They continue to offer a Classic Modern American style for office furniture.


davis office furniture logo 

Davisanother designer out of High Point, North Carolina, the Davis family has worked in the furniture business since the 1800’s. Currently Davis strives to be the leader of contract furniture with superior design and contemporary international influences.


design-options Furniture logo

Design Optionsfounded in 1981, Design Options concentrated on emerging technologies and computer furnishings. Today, the company offers a wide range of worksurfaces, storage products, and screen systems.


DMI office furniture logo

DMIHuntingburg Furniture Company of Huntingburg, Indiana was founded in 1911 and has continued its dedication to producing quality furniture after Flexsteel Industries purchased it in 2003, becoming DMI. The company is a manufacturer and marketer of quality casegoods, seating, and tables.



To learn more about the companies listed you can click on their name and take a tour of their websites. Remember this is our first 25, so wait to get to know the following 75 before you go shopping. If you have questions about any of the manufacturers, or have concerns about your needs, feel free to contact one of our office furniture experts.