Office Furniture Movers

Are looking for office furniture movers?  At Tri-State Office Furniture our office furniture moving services will not only save you money when relocating your office, we will also take away the burdens of relocating from you and provide a pleasant, simple and most importantly stress-free move.

We are available to help nationwide.  Even though our name is Tri-State, we ship and consult beyond our four locations in Pittsburgh, Charleston, Morgantown, Wheeling, and Cleveland.  If you are interested in full service, green, and affordable office furniture moving services, we are the ones to provide it.

Office Furniture Moving Services:

Going-GreenOur emphasis on being green extends beyond using eco-friendly green office furniture (which we do).  We can utilize your existing furniture in your new home.  Our team can not only redesign to improve your current configuration, but we will repaint, clean, and replace fabric and work areas to give the appearance of new.  Finally, if there is no use for your existing furniture after you move, we offer furniture decommissioning and buy-back program to re-use the furniture for another client and, of course, help defray the cost of your move.

Being green has many benefits aside from the cost savings.  You may be eligible for tax credits.  Many of your clients will be more likely to choose you based on being environmentally friendly.  Your workplace will be healthier.  Aside from that the public relations goodwill, benefit to the economy, and reduction in fossil fuel use make this a better option.  All of these benefits while saving money make Tri-State Office Furniture your best choice.  What better way to open a new space than with an environmentally friendly less expensive emphasis.

Our designers will work with you not to create a workspace but a workspace that works better.   Your new space will be ascetically pleasing, comfortable but most importantly add to your team’s productivity.  Our space planners, with over 30 years experience, will take the stress of design from your hands and let you focus on doing what you do best – your job.  They do this for the very affordable price of free!

Our team will provide state of the art computer designs for you to see before your move.   Our designs include modular interior architectural solutions, raised floor systems, interior signage, and acoustical products to cater to your exact needs as a business.   We will provide project management for the entire process to ease your burden during a stressful time.

Office Furniture Movers:

Moving for any reason (even a great one like your business has grown so much) can be negative.  Allow us to make it a positive.  Let us focus on the logistics and you to make moving a positive experience!

The most important part of the move is the actual process.  Our team office furniture movers will handle this completely with turnkey solutions so you just have to show up at your new home and get back your duties.  We have over thirty years experience helping business find a new home.

Our office furniture movers, installers, and delivery are all in-house.  Your furniture will be delivered, installed, and moved by the same group that designed and created it.  The use of our own people for this means direct accountability, familiarity with the designers, and a smoother process for you.

We also provide warehousing, storage, furniture rental, and distribution services to solve short-term problems as well.  Whatever you need, we offer.

These services will smooth your move.  Our installation of the furniture that you picked by our professional crew, design consultation, cleaning and refurbishing of your existing furniture, and warehousing will make sure you new places feel like home from day one so your team can concentrate on their job – not the move. Give us a call today at 1 (855) 885-3375!