Green furniture is a powerful step in the right direction for conservation.  At Tri-State Office Furniture, we hold the idea of pre-owned or refurbished furniture in high regard.  We take the utmost care to clean and reuse furniture.  We proudly offer affordable eco-friendly office furniture that not only looks professional but is easy on the environment.

REFURBISHED-WORKSTATIONS-300x237Remanufactured or refurbished cubicles are recycled pre-owned panel systems.  Unlike used cubicles, which may only be touched up before being resold, refurbished cubicles are actually manufactured again.   This furniture is put through a process to make it appear and function as brand new.

Refurbished cubicles are completely repainted, as well as reupholstered.   All metal components are repainted for reuse, giving them the appearance of brand new.  New fabric is applied to the vertical surfaces of the panels.  Many textiles available for refurbishing are green as well.  Worksurfaces can often be reused, but we also offer very affordable options for new surfaces.

REFURBISHED-WORKSTATIONS2-300x235The major benefit of choosing refurbished cubicles, and the reason why many businesses choose to include them in their office layouts, is simple:  PRICE.  Even though remanufactured workstations look & function like new, they are sold at a lower price than new cubicles.  We specialize in refurbishing Grade A commercial grade cubicles like:  Herman Miller and Steelcase.