Ergonomic Task Chairs

Task chairs should offer full features and be user-friendly, perfect for the office worker who sits for the majority of the day by allowing them proper posture and comfort. Adjustable seat height and depth, optional adjustable lumbar support, arm adjustability, tilt tension adjustment, optional back height, and a multiple position back lock allow the user to fine-tune their chair for their size and shape, tasks at hand and preferences.

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Executive & Conference Chairs

Your conference room is a place for sharing important company information and brainstorming the next big idea, and you don’t want your employees getting distracted by uncomfortable or inflexible seating. Ideally, you should look for conference room chairs that can be easily moved for collaborative work and that prevent back pain during long presentations or planning sessions.

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Guest Chairs

Regardless of the type of business you operate, it’s important to make guests feel at ease as soon as they arrive at your office. Your furniture and décor can go a long way towards helping you accomplish this goal, and selecting comfortable and attractive guest chairs should be a top priority when designing or updating your office.

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Lounge & Collaborative Spaces

Lounge and Reception chairs that provide style and comfort give a positive first impression of your brand as well as ease having to wait in the first place.

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Nesting & Stack Chairs

If you need to seat a large number of people and floor space is at a premium, stack and nesting chairs are a smart investment. When you’re not using these lightweight, cost-effective chairs, you can simply nest them and move them to storage. You can also easily move them around conference rooms for meetings or group exercises, ensuring that chairs are available when employees need to sit and out of the way when you need more space.

Tri State has stack chairs in a wide array of styles, from minimalist and economic plastic stack chairs to attractive flip chairs with colorful cushions. Stackable chairs offered in arm and armless versions with four legs, and available in a caster version to accommodate virtually any environment. The caster version with arms is ideal for use in occasional meeting spaces, training rooms, and any other configurable space. Some are a lightweight, high density stack chair that stacks up to 40 on a dolly. Optional tablet arm and bookrack can also be available.

The nesting/training chairs offer versatility in training, meeting rooms and offices. Dynamic multi-purpose chairs are offered in several configurations and options such as armed and armless, casters or glides, and some with tablet arms.

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Stools and Multi-Purpose Seating

No matter your profession, Modern Office has the right stools for your lab, office or studio. Many of our stools are ergonomic and adjustable, providing maximum comfort throughout the day. Many of our stools also make great task chairs, allowing you to roll from task to task without dragging your stool around your work space. To select the ideal work or industrial stools for your work space, take into consideration the height of your desk, work table or patient’s chair. Also reflect on the movements you make consistently throughout the work day. This will help you make the best decision when purchasing your stool.

The general rule is that the desk surface should be about 10″ above the height of the seat of the chair or stool. So for example, if you have a 42″ high desk surface your stool should have a seat height range that includes 32″ (42″ minus 10″).

Do you spend most of the day drawing or painting? Our drafting stools or art stools provide support for the feet and back giving you the comfort and stamina to work at a drafting desk for hours at a time. We also offer a variety of styles and colors of drafting stools to match your studio or office aesthetic.

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Ergonomic Seating Features

Some benefits to incorporating workplace ergonomics: improves productivity, improves quality of health, and improves employee engagement. Use our gallery to determine what features you and/or your employees could benefit from.

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